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ZERO: Vanilla e Liquid Made with Hemp Oil (50mg CBD)

ZERO: Vanilla e Liquid Made with Hemp Oil (50mg CBD)

$ 23.00

Dive into custardy delight with each smooth taste of this e-Liquid. Your taste buds will be tantalized by the sweet aftertaste of vanilla that will elevate your vaping experience. ZERO Vanilla e-Liquid is a delightful celebration of the most complex spice in existence and a world favourite.

Experience the warm, softly aromatic flavour of vanilla that turns each puff to a sensation between the most delicious custard and the vanilla ice cream you loved when you were a kid.

The gentle but distinct aroma takes this e Liquid flavor from “amazing” status to “absolutely must try,” and we invite you to take your electronic cigarette experience to the next level with ZERO Vanilla e Liquid.

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However, ZERO Vanilla e-Liquid breaks new ground as one of the best vanilla custard e Liquids infused with CBD while having ABSOLUTELY Zero THC whatsoever!

CBD is considered a powerful way of improving one’s wellness. However, since it is derived directly from cannabis, CBD oils usually contain some minuscule amounts of THC. Not ZERO’s products though!

ZERO Vanilla e-Liquid is made with a pure CBD isolate that eliminates the possibility that any THC remains in the final product, not even a single molecule. As ZERO is the leading producer of THC-free CBD products worldwide, you know you’re getting the best CBD vaping oil (without worries of unwanted highs or problems with drug tests) that money can buy when choosing their Vanilla e-Liquid.

More Reasons Customers Love It…

  • Completely THC free – 0.000% THC concentration
  • Delicious flavour brings the essence of vanilla with each puff
  • Concentrated CBD goodness
  • Great for relaxation
  • Perfectly healthy and safe alternative to smoking cigarette and cigars.
  • Great value for money
  • Beginner friendly and fun to use

How to Use ZERO Vanilla e-Liquid…

You can use ZERO Vanilla e-Liquid with any liquid-type vaporizer, like our G1 Vaporizer.

To fill your vaporizer with ZERO Vanilla e-Liquid:

  1. Turn off your vaporizer.
  2. Remove the battery.
  3. Separate the mouthpiece of the vape. Replace the coil if needed, depending on your vaporizer model.
  4. Ensure the tank is empty and clean any residual material from previous use.
  5. Carefully pour ZERO Vanilla e-Liquid in the tank until it is full (or it reaches the full line in some models).
  6. Don’t overfill the vape. Clean any liquid that runs down the sides of the tank or remains on the edges where the other components will be reattached.
  7. NEVER pour the e-Liquid inside the coil itself (as it will destroy it and will require replacement).
  8. Secure the mouthpiece (and any other components, depending on model) back on your vaporizer once you’ve filled the tank with the e-Liquid and make sure it is fitted properly.
  9. Lastly, secure the battery back on, turn your vaporizer on, and prepare yourself for a delectable vaping session with your ZERO Vanilla e-Liquid!

In order to experience the full power of CBD’s wellness benefits, we recommend consistent use for at least two weeks so your metabolism becomes accustomed to its properties.

Don’t use ZERO Vanilla e-Liquid (or any other vaping product) if pregnant or lactating. If you are suffering from a particular chronic ailment, consult a medical expert before using this or any other vaporizer products.


Hemp oil (seeds and stalks), vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, natural and artificial flavors.



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