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$ 450.00

Each drop of this formula has approx 3mg of CBD and there are approx 2000 drops in the bottle.

ULTRA+ Hemp Drops is definitely one of our Best Buys.  The cost per milligram of CBD is just under 5.8 cents.  You will be hard pressed to find any CBD Oil Drops being sold at this price per milligram.  And, if you do, chances are the quality is NOT the same.

Why “PLUS” in the name?  Because as with all Highland Pharms products, it’s not just about the CBD.  It’s about the full spectrum of cannabinoids.  It’s about the terpenes, the phytonutrients and everything that Mother Nature put in there.  In Summary: it’s about the CBD-Plus……

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Who is this product for?

 Pregnant women and children under 18 can’t use this product. This product is for those people who often be depressed and have so insomniac condition.

What are the product’s basic details? 

 This product is basically made of organically grown hemp plants. It does not contain any synthetic cannabinoids.

Where would to use this product?

Suggested Use
Ultra plus hemp drops can be used in a vaporizer or place few drops beneath the tongue, let it absorb, and wait several hours to feel the effects your first time trying it. It can even be added to food and drinks.

It is not recommended to use this while you are driving.


  • Pain Relief
  • Anti-Inflammation
  • Physical and Mental Calmness
  • Anti-anxiety’
  • Fight Against Cancer

Product Size:
Ultra Plus Hemp Drops available in 100ml bottle pack approximately 2000 drops. Each drop contains 6.25mg of CBD.


  • MCT Oil from Coconut
  • Hemp Extract


All Highland Pharms CBD products are infused with CBD Hemp Extract that isn’t “just CBD”.  HighLand’s extract is a Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids extract.  This means, in addition to cannabidiol, or CBD, it includes CBDA, CBC, CBCA, CBG, CBGA and only trace amounts of any THC, so you will NOT feel any ‘high’ or grogginess.


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