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Crystals999 – 999mg of CBD

Virtually PURE CBD.  Each 1gram jar contains 999mg of CBD.  You can use this either as it is, or add it to another product to increase the CBD percentage.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you’re comparing these with any other brand, please know that our CBD Crystals are a Full 1 Gram Jar with at least 999mg of CBD.   Many other brands are only a Quarter Gram or a Half Gram Jar with only 250mg of CBD or 500mg of CBD.  So, know that, as with all Highland Pharms products, we sell the best of the best!

CBD Crystals:
There are many ways to use these CBD Crystals.  You can ingest just a tiny bit directly, you can add them to other products like your own vape oil or anything, really.  You can add to foods.  Most people say they cannot taste any flavor when these are added to foods.  Perfect for the child you’re trying to get to take CBD, but who won’t take it knowingly.  Add to peanut butter sandwiches or any other food.

Or, if you have your own favorite vape oil and want to add CBD to it, you can add these to your oil/ejuice or any other product you want to increase the CBD percentage in.  That’s right!  If you have a favorite ejuice/vape oil you get from your local vape shop and want to turn it into a CBD Vaporizer Oil/Ejuice, this is the perfect additive!  (These are also known as “CBD Isolate”)

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