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Highland Pharms CBD 750 (75+%) CBD Wax – 1gram

Highland Pharms CBD 750 (75+%) CBD Wax – 1gram

$ 79.95

This is sold by weight, not volume.  So, depending on how compact the crumble is, it may appear as more or less when compared with another jar.  This is normal since it is sold by weight.  If you get a compacted piece, feel free to break it up and it will appear larger for you.  And, even though there are several containers shown in the picture, the item is 1 container with 1 gram of wax crumble.)
We continue to raise the bar as to what we offer our customers.  This is a super highly concentrated gram of CBD Wax Crumble that has a minimum of 750mg of CBD.  Recent batches have reached 920mg of CBD per gram!!  That, by itself, is INCREDIBLE.

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  • Hemp Extract
Because of the super-rich amount of cannabinoids in this strain, the natural terpene flavor is very noticeable.  Even just smelling it, you can smell the florals and the pines and the sweetness.  This is evident of the high level of cannabinoids and terpenes.


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