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Herbal Renewals: CBD Vape Additive (10ml/100mg CBD)

Herbal Renewals: CBD Vape Additive (10ml/100mg CBD)

$ 80.00

There’s a good reason why CBD is all the rage, as far as modern food supplements are concerned. People across the world use CBD to soothe their senses and to boost their well-being and quality of life.

Cannabidiol is the second most plentiful, and one of the most beneficial, cannabinoids found in marijuana, industrial hemp, and other plants of the cannabis family.

But finding the best CBD vape juice for sale can be incredibly challenging. That’s why we’re so excited about Herbal Renewals: CBD Vape Additive. It’s made from pure hemp oil, which contains plenty of CBD while being extremely low in THC. This makes the product legal in all states and in many countries worldwide. Just by adding a few drops of this hemp vape oil to your flavored eLiquid or other vape oil, you can create a calming and fun blend that will give you a distinct hempy taste and also make you feel better.

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How to Vape CBD Oil: CBD Vape Additive

Using CBD Vape Additive is simple. All you need is a good-quality vaping pen, your favorite vape oil, and our hemp vape oil. Cheap vaping pens may break easily and ruin your experience. Remember that a special vape pen is needed for thick liquids like oil, as they are harder to turn into mist and need a larger canister.

Here’s how to vape CBD oil:

    1. Mix as much CBD additive as you like into the vape oil that you are going to use for a vaping session. Don’t mix more than you’ll use, as you might not always want the same combination.
    2. Add the canister to your vape pen and enjoy!

Remember that, if you are new to CBD and cannabis products, you should start with the lowest possible dose and work yourself up to the amount that feels best to you.


Herbal Renewals: CBD Vape Additive contains:

  • Hemp oil (100mg of pure CBD) in a 10ml bottle
  • Vegetable glycerin (USP)
  • Propylene glycol

There are no dangerous chemicals, phthalates, parabens, or mineral oils in this CBD Vape Additive. In our CBD vape juice for sale, only the purest industrial hemp is used in the production of this high-quality product.

Warning: If you are lactating, pregnant, or suffering from a serious illness, ask your physician before taking any supplement or changing your diet. It is safest for unborn and newborn babies if their mothers do not to vape at all during pregnancy and lactation.


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