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Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream

Hemp-EaZe Therapy Cream

$ 25.00

Product Description

Hemp Root Therapy Cream is a Dr. Ganja all-time favorite with good reason, its 9 medicinal herb formula was made specially to help with bone and muscle aches, reduce swelling, and treat pain.

By improving circulation, stimulating cellular growth and encouraging healing on a deep tissue level, it can help with arthritis, sprains, and joint pain, plus more general issues like bruising, faster wound healing and dry or irritated skin. Made with natural, local beeswax.

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Product Size
2 oz.

Suggested Use
Massage hemp root therapy cream into any painful areas, as often as needed. Apply once effects are no longer felt.

Hemp root, comfrey, burdock, lavender, lobelia, hyssop, myrrh gum, sage, and california bay, infused with olive and soy oils.


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