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Extract Labs CBD Crumble Granddaddy Purple

Extract Labs CBD Crumble Granddaddy Purple

$ 45.00

Extract Labs Granddaddy Purple CBD Crumble provides a boost in physical relaxation through CBD and terpenes, which is known for its blend of uplifting stimulation and bodily calm.
It’s often used to combat pain or lack of appetite, so DrGanja reminds you not to be surprised if you feel extra hungry after supplementing.

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Product Size
1 gram 750mg CBD.

Suggested Use
To help increase appetite and promote relaxation, use this CBD crumble as you normally would any type of of concentrate.
Or simply place some product under your tongue, hold it there for 30+ seconds, and then swallow — a route that will actually last longer and be more powerful.

Full spectrum CBD crumble and botanical terpenes.


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