Extract Labs CBD Crumble ACDC Online


This incredible high potency CBD hemp strain, results in some of the most high quality authentic terpenes. A healer in nature ACDC has extremely potent CBD properties making it a wonderful option for those suffering from pain and inflammation. A cross between Ruderalis and Cannatonic.

This strain has won several Cannabis Cup awards due to the high CBD content. ACDC flavor profile is a earthy, sweet, and skunk with slight aftertastes of lemongrass and fruit notes. Focus and creative energy is a key component to this amazing CBD crumble, Extractlabs limited edition ACDC Private Reserve is made with authentic terpenes from the ACDC hemp strain. Offering up some of the most pleasant aromas, ACDC combines notes from the Earth, notably pinewood, while adding hints of lemongrass and cherry throughout its profile. ACDC is particularly noted for its ability to boost happiness and sociability, and some have described the sensation as complete relaxation without any anxiety towards the future. This all encompassing CBD relief alternative is a go to for any of those high tolerance CBD users.

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