Endoca: Soothing Hemp Oil Drops (300mg-1.5g CBD) Online


Endoca’s Hemp Oil Drops are a premium quality hemp CBD oil product that boasts an impressive nutritional profile along with its super-concentrated and ultra-pure cannabidiol contents. The potent blend that goes into the Endoca Hemp Oil Drops includes cannabidiol oil derived from the stalk and stem of hemp, as well as hemp seed oil. This combination makes the Hemp Oil Drops tasty, wholesome, nutritious and powerfully beneficial to your metabolism and overall wellness.

The Endoca Hemp Oil Drops come in bottles of 10 ml and in three strengths. The 500 mg bottle contains 5% CBD and 15 drops equal to 25 mgs of CBD. The 1000 mg bottle contains 10% CBD and 15 drops equal to 50 mgs of CBD. Finally, the 1500 mg bottle contains 15% CBD and 15 drops equal to 75 mgs of CBD.

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