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Endoca: Hemp Salve — 1oz


Endoca: Hemp Salve — 1oz

$ 64.00

Designed to use anywhere on your body, from your hands to your feet, this Hemp Salve is also safe to use on your face and other sensitive areas. The all-natural and organic ingredients blend quickly and smoothly into the surface of your skin for immediate relief from dryness and irritation.

While other natural salves take a bit of work to absorb, the Endoca CBD salve uses coconut oil and hemp oils to absorb more  quickly and deeply into the surface of the skin.

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What are the benefits of using CBD topically?

People report many benefits from the topical application of CBD, including reducing redness and inflammation related to many skin diseases, like dermatitis and psoriasis. Others say CBD soothes aches, pains, and joint and muscle tension and is helpful when applied post-workout. There has also been an interesting preliminary study published on CBD’s effects on the causes and symptoms of acne.**

How long does a CBD salve take to work?

Typically, a CBD topical treatment can take up to one hour to start working, but it will often last up to five hours.

Does a CBD salve help with pain?

Yes. As far as CBD pain relief products are concerned, topicals are among the most popular, thanks to the option to apply them directly to a problem area. The salve is absorbed directly into the skin, localizing pain relief, while providing longer lasting effects when compared to capsules and tinctures.


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