Cannadips Natural Mint CBD Pouches


Product Description

Looking for an early morning kickstart with a breath of winter freshness, these Cannadips all natural Wintergreen CBD pouches are a smokeless, spit-less alternative for getting your daily dose of CBD.

Cannadips is a Humbolt County based company that prides themselves on upholding the traditions of quality craftsmanship and innovation that has made the region world renowned. Only sourcing from US based distributors Cannadip offers an all-natural Wintergreen pouch that delivers a breath of cool and soothing mint leaf sensation throughout its use, making it perfect for your morning dose.

Wintergreen and CBD acts as a natural analgesic (pain reducer) anti-arthritic, antiseptic and astringent, combined with the amazing stress reducing effects of CBD, this pouches delivers on multiple levels. Wintergreen and CBD has been used as an active ingredient in many topical pain relievers for decades to help ease muscle, joint and bone pain. Today, it’s commonly used for reducing other painful conditions, too; for example, wintergreen is used as a natural headache remedy, for chronic nerve pain, PMS symptoms and arthritis. The Cannadips Wintergreen pouch is a natural antioxidant as well as an energizing and immune-enhancing product that leaves the user feeling stress and pain free.

Individuals want to consume CBD discreetly where they want, when they want, making Cannadips Wintergreen pouches the perfect new discreet way to use CBD. Wintergreen is one of three amazing flavors offered by Cannadip, giving users a distinct flavor profile. Cannadips is at the forefront of smokeless and odorless CBD products. Using only the highest quality lab tested CBD and hemp ingredients, Cannadips features fast acting water soluble high grade full-spectrum hemp CBD products. Making the Cannadips Wintergreen pouch a go to for anyone looking to move through their day pain and stress free.


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