Cannadips Full American CBD Pouches


Product Description

Fancy a shot of espresso with a jolt of positive vibes, Cannadips Full American CBD pouches are a smokeless, spit-less alternative for getting your daily dose of CBD. Based in heart of Humboldt County Cannadips prides itself on maintaining the long standing traditions of quality craftsmanship that has been connected to the region for many years.

The all natural Full American flavored pouches deliver a robust and full bodied taste of cinnamon and chocolate with an enjoyable aftertaste of espresso bean. The sweet-spicy flavor of the cinnamon enhances the tastes which is a perfect partner for the smooth chocolate flavor that follows. This pouches offers maximum energy while reducing stress. The all natural Full American pouch offers a great alternative to a sugary drink or coffee in the middle of a long work day. With all natural anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties this odorless, spit-less CBD pouch combines the high quality lab test ingredients used by Cannadips to deliver the boost of positive energy one desires.

This new smokeless alternative allows users a more discreet way to consume CBD, where they want, when they want. With three distinct flavors Cannadips is at the forefront of smokeless and odorless CBD products. The Full American pouch is one of the standout original flavors of Cannadips, complementing the other range of flavors with its unique sweet and spicy robust taste. Only using the highest quality lab tested CBD and hemp ingredients, Cannadips features fast acting water soluble grade full-spectrum hemp CBD. Making the Cannadips Full American pouch is a necessary for anyone that desires alternative ways to energize and relieve throughout their day.


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