CannaBomb Sour Tangie CBD Soaking Salt

Product Description

Cannabombs Sour Tangie Soaking Salt is great to bring inspiring and energetic vibes to start your day. Cannabombs brings an incredible combination of ingredients with organic dried orange peel, kaolin clay and cream of tartar, which can deliver an uplifting effect to every soak.

Limonene terpenes fill the room with the fresh scent of citrus orchids providing aromatherapy along with a full body CBD cleanse. Just like the amazing cannabis strain, Sour Tangie Soaking Salt provides a creative, elevating buzz with a string sense of citrus aromatherapy. The Cannabomb Sour Tangie Soaking Salt has been known to sooth chronic fatigue, mild to moderate cases of depression, chronic pain, and muscle spasms. Sour Tangie delivers a pungent sour citrus aroma that has an earthy diesel grapefruit smell that cuts through any negative energy or vibes.

Organic orange peel essential oil can provide amazing healing power for the skin, allergies, asthma and promote positive mood. The benefits of ingredients like Kaolin Clay can promote good circulation and is great for skin and acne problems. Adding a cup of Sour Tangie Soaking Salt to your next bath can provide benefits that last long after your bath, Cannabombs hit the nail on the head with this uplifting, energizing soaking salt. If you are a bath taker, soaking in these fine ingredients is one of the most effective ways of get your CBD relief.

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