CannaBomb Pink Passion CBD Soaking Salt


Product Description

The Pink Passion Soaking Salt will enhance your next soak with relaxing aromas of rose petals and soothing effects of all organic full spectrum hemp oil. The Geraniol terpene provides a sweet, floral, fruity, rosy, citrus smell that is also known to be an analgesic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.

Cannabombs Pink Passion Soaking Salt has been known to have incredible effects on the skin, leaving your bodies largest organ the care it deserves. CannaBomb Pink Passion Soaking Salt can be great for relaxing muscles, double as an exfoliant, and the quintessential therapeutic essential oil experience.

Cannabomb Pink Passion Soaking Salt is the perfect option to unwind after a long day and ease muscle tension along with emotional tension, allowing you to recharge after a rested night’s sleep. Cannabomb is a perfect non-prescription option to ease chronic aches, pains and anxieties. Soaking in the tub with CBD and rose petal essential oil extract, mineral and natural elements are an incredible way to treat yourself during your next soak.

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