CannaBomb Key Lime Kush CBD Soaking Salt


Product Description

Adding a cup of Key Lime Kush Soaking Salt to your bath is like bringing the crisp and refreshing breeze of a spring morning to your next soak. Epsom salts, CBD and lime terpenes (limonene) can help you relax and get the most out of your bath.

This incredible combination of ingredients leaves you feeling rejuvenated, restored, invigorated and revitalized. If you are a bath taker then adding a single scoop or whole bag of soaking salt to your tub can help relax your muscles and reduce stress after a long day of work. Bringing together full spectrum hemp based CBD, organic essential oils and coconut as well as hemp oils, the Key Lime Kush Soaking Salt has been known to act as an anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal.

The Cannabomb Key Lime Soaking Salt leaves the room with lasting aromas of fresh citrus lime and organic mountain rose herb petals, bringing spa level aromatherapy right to your own bathroom. The epsom salt helps the CBD and limonene essential oils soak into your skin and can begin to relieve your muscle tension, pain and inflammation in joints within a matter of minutes. Cannabomb Key Lime Kush Soaking Salt includes in some amazing ingredients like cream of tar-tar and kaolin clay which can both promote good skin, circulation and can reduce arthritic pain. This CBD Bath-bomb will leave you feeling restored, recovered and revitalized.

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