CannaBomb Green Queen CBD Soaking Salt


Product Description

Cannabomb Green Queen Soaking Salt is the perfect way to enhance the healing and relaxing effects of your next bath. Cannabomb Green Queen Soaking Salt combines epsom salts, CBD and pinene terpenes which can promote focus, inner-connection, relaxation and uplifting vibes.

Pinene terpenes have been known to have incredible effects and benefits, coupled with all natural full spectrum hemp CBD. This unique terpene presents a wonderful and unmistakable earthy scent that is reminiscent of an aromatic pine forest. The Cannabomb Green Queen Soaking Salt has been known to help with inflammation, respiratory issues and promote focus. Who doesn’t love the distinct aroma of cannabis strains such as Jack Herer, Blue Dream and Strawberry Cough, this is exactly what you get when you use Green Queen Cannabomb Soaking Salt in your next soak.

Pinene is found not just amazing cannabis, but also, you guessed it, Pine Tree’s! This amazing aroma is so pleasing you will find yourself dozing off into a wonderful forest of fresh pine groves leaving you feeling focused, connect and uplifted. The Cannabomb Green Queen Soaing Salt is a great way to get the effects of healing CBD and the soothing and gentle aromatherapy of the pinene terpene.

Cannabombs Green Queen Soaking Salt is the perfect way to incorporate plant based therapy into your nightly routine of soaking. With incredible all natural ingredients like CBD, essential oils, minerals, organic flowers and natural terpenes. This is a great way to introduce some one to the healing benefits of plant therapy, through a very easy and enjoyable manner, a realxing bath! The Green Queen Soaking Salt can act as an incredible exfoliant and anti-inflammatory as well as a therapeutic essential oil experience.

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