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BioCBD+: Total Body Care CBD & Curcumin Capsules (300mg CBD)

BioCBD+: Total Body Care CBD & Curcumin Capsules (300mg CBD)

$ 120.00

BioCBD+: Total Body Care Hemp Tablets

CBD is a fantastic supplement that has recently become popular all over the world. Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is a completely natural product that can improve overall wellness and give a sensation of calm.

Bio CBD Plus is a company that prides itself in offering only the highest-quality hemp products. Their premium hemp tablets are an effective way of getting a potent and quality serving of 10mg CBD each day. Each hemp tablet contains only natural ingredients, including high-grade organic hemp oil, which is rich in CBD. Just a single hemp tablet daily lets you enjoy the full benefits of CBD anytime you want.

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Each bottle of 30 10mg tablets of Bio CBD Plus contains:

Quality organic hemp oil with CBD, curcumin (turmeric extract), boswellia, saffron extract, magnesium, starch, and cellulose. The tablets are water soluble and vegetarian-friendly.

Keep in mind: If you are suffering from a serious illness or are taking medication, always ask your GP before taking any supplement. Don’t take CBD if you are lactating or pregnant. Keep your hemp tablets stored in a dry and cool place, out of reach of pets and kids.


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