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Berry Blossom CBD Flower

Berry Blossom CBD Flower

$ 30.00

Berry Blossom hemp flower descends from Cherry Kandahar S1 crossed with Chardonnay. The name is derived from its acai berry-like aroma. Sweet in taste and smell, Berry Blossom comes in at an impressive CBDA 18.19% and is one of the more potent flowers we offer.

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Cannabinoid Profile
CBD .89%
CBC .07%
CBDA 18.19%
CBGA .80%
D9-THC .20%
THCA .61%

Terpene Profile
(-) Isopulegol .08%
(-)-beta-Pinene .20%
(-)-Guaio .13%
alpha-Pinene .21%
beta-Myrcene .33%
d-Limonene .01%
Geraniol .17%
Ocimene .01%

Berry Blossom CBD hemp flower is available in 2 size variants, tested at 18.19% CBDA and contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC.

Product Size
Available in 3.5 gram and 7 gram increments.

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3,5 g, 7 g


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