All Natural Terpene Blends Online


Crafted after the age old strain, this bottle of terpenes not only brings back the flavor and aroma, it brings back the effects of the terpene blend of this famous strain.

Bottle size is 1.6ml and has approx 65-75 drops.  Normal uses call for 2-3 drops per vape cartridge or other smoking material.

Made with all natural terpenes from plants…..nothing synthetic, all natural!

The prominent terpenes in this blend are as follows (there are lesser amounts of the other terpenes, but the prominent ones drive the effects patients feel from each mix):

Linalool, Alpha-Pinene

Terpene Effects:

Alpha-Pinene: Anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator, anti-microbial, memory-enhancing

Linalool: Anti-anxiety, sedative, anti-convulsant, anti-inflammatory

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